Birou - P-ta Victoriei

Bucuresti-Ilfov - P-TA VICTORIEI, reper: Buzesti

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Ground Floor Usable area 199.79 sqm + CA 32.39 sqm = 232.18 sqm
Third Floor Usable area 204.05 sqm + CA 37.21 sqm = 241.26 sqm
8th Floor Usable area 248.69 sqm + CA 62.05 sqm = 310.74 sqm
9th Floor Usable area 248.69 sqm + CA 62.05 sqm = 310.74 sqm
12th Floor Usable area 246.58 sqm + CA 61.74 sqm = 308.32 sqm

Rentable area is composed by Usable Area + Common Area. Terraces are not included in the areas shown above. Parking spaces available in the basement of the building.

Asking Rent/sqm: EUR 14,00 + VAT (over all rentable area) for upper floors.
Asking Rent/sqm: EUR 16,00 + VAT (over all rentable area) for ground floor.

INDEXATION The rent and service charges shall be adjusted annually according to the European Monetary Union Index of Consumer Prices ( MUICP).
RENT FREE PERIOD 1 month, starting from the delivery of the space. The free period is not applicable to Service Charges and Utilities Costs.

SERVICE CHARGES The monthly value estimated as service charge will be 3.5 ?/sqm based on open book triple net lease agreement (final costs to be reviewed by the Parties at the termination of every year of the contract) and includes all expenses in connection with administration, operation and maintenance of the building like security/porter, insurances, all public charges/taxes, cleaning, water, gas, heating/cooling, etc.

Telecommunication costs will be charged directly to the Tenant by the suppliers. Electricity costs will be re-invoiced directly to the Tenant.

VAT applied to all amounts mentioned above

" 3 years unbreakable contract
" Tenant pays the rent and service charges for the entire duration of the contract, during 3 years.

To be determined by the parties.

At the delivery of the space.


FIT-OUT WORKS The Landlord shall provide the space as open space, with new carpet and walls painted. The Tenant shall fit out the space on its cost, according to a space plan subject to Tenant's approval, which cannot be unreasonably withheld.

Any further modifications to the premises fit-out require the Landlord's
prior written consent, which cannot be unreasonably withheld.

GUARANTEE Security Deposit equivalent of 3 (three) month rent plus service charges plus the corresponding VAT, to be provided by the Tenant at the date of execution of the lease agreement and maintained throughout the term.

PAYMENT MODALITY Monthly, in advance. The rent and service charges shall be payable on the first day of each calendar month.

All the payments are payable in RON at the equivalent of the amount in EUR, calculated based on the BNR currency exchange rate at the invoicing date.

SUBLETTING AND ASSIGNMENT The Tenant shall not be permitted to assign, share, or part with possession or occupation of all or part of the Premises without the prior written consent of the Landlord.

CONFIDENTIALITY: The Parties shall not disclose the terms of the present agreement to any third parties, with the exception of their shareholders and their advisors which are instructed to assist them in finalizing this transaction.

PROPERTY KEY POINTS The Property benefits from several competitive advantages, including:

- Excellent central business district location (the area is traditionally considered
the prime zone of Bucharest, turning into Bucharest's Central Business District).

- Excellent commercial visibility.

- Excellent access by car and public transportation (subway, bus, tram).

- Good tenancy - local and international companies.

- The new aerial passage Basarab allows a better accessibility into the area.

LOCATION The Property is located in central northern area of Bucharest, in the proximity of Victoriei Square (circa 350 m from the Victoriei Sq).

Victoriei Sq is an established office location comprises several purpose built high rise office building completed in the last 5 years as well as the home of the Romanian Government and a number of museums, high street retail units and high rise residential buildings. The area has become in the last years a desirable office location due to its proximity to public transportation, easy access to the northern exit towards Ploiesti and international airports and proximity to attractive residential areas as Domenil, Dorobanti and Primaverii.

ASSET DESCRIPTION General Description

Located in Buzesti St,and being neighboured by important new office developments, this medium size office building provides a good standard of office accommodation.

The Property consist of a modern purpose built office building erected between 2003
- 2006 on 4 basement levels, ground and 13 upper floors with a total gross area of approximately 10.500 sqm. The total rentable area of the Property is around 6.700 sqm (excluding terraces) and the total parking capacity of the building is 60 parking spaces located in the basement levels of the building.

The basement levels comprise around 60 parking spaces, storage and technical areas, the ground floor provides reception area plus 2 separated retail areas, whilst the upper levels are used as offices.

Building Design

The Property comprises an office building of 13 storeys above ground, completed in 2006. The building layout is of an irregular floor plate, rounded towards the south eastern side elevation offering a larger floor usable area in this section.

The architectural style is modern and the layout of the building is open space although the interior layout provides occupiers with superior flexibility to adequate the spaces as open-plan or modular offices layout (by partitioning the space), depending on specific tenant needs.

The office building is provided with an underground parking comprising 60 spaces situated in 4 levels. The car entrance is located on Sevastopool St and the access to the parking area is made through an access ramp and is controlled by automatic barriers. In addition to this, the basement levels also comprise small tenant storage rooms.

The ground floor of the building accommodates the main reception and some retail spaces. The upper floors include a total office leasable area of around 6.100 sqm.
The office building has Class A finishes and facilities. The internal layout comprises a circulation core composed by 2 elevators and a staircase.

Technical Description

The building is composed by ground floor plus thirteen-floors high and includes 4 underground levels built according to international standards.

Structural Frame:

The foundation consists of cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundation mat with individual reinforced concrete column footings. The building has a heavy load- bearing reinforced concrete core structure.

The structural elements of the office building consist of a reinforced concrete skeleton frame with brick infill and load-bearing masonry walls.

Exterior walls are constructed of concrete walls in the basement and masonry walls in the floors above. Interior walls consist of brick with painted stucco and plaster finish. There are also areas of aluminium and glass front windows towards the Buzesti St.


Typical interior finishes include ceramic tiles in bathrooms, marble in the entrance lobby, carpeted floor in office areas. There are suspended panel ceilings and gypsum board partitions with wall finish in offices, suspended gypsum board ceilings and painted concrete walls in storage areas.

Toilets are equipped with suspended gypsum board ceilings and ceramic tiles on walls. Technical rooms are equipped with painted concrete ceilings and painted concrete or masonry walls.

Exterior walls of the building are primarily finished with an exterior finishing and insulation system and finished with painted stucco. There are also areas of aluminium and glass front windows towards the Buzesti St.

The staircase is constructed of reinforced concrete and has natural stone tiles (granite) pavers on treads, risers and landings.


The office building is provided with good quality equipment, fittings and fixtures. The building is equipped with electric installations, HVAC, fire sprinkler system, monitoring CCTV for security purposes among other equipment and installations.


The building is in very good condition. Services & Utilities:
The Property benefits of modern specifications typical for this class of asset. These specifications include: HVAC system, high speed elevators, operable windows, IT cable network, fire prevention system as well as 24 hour security service.

All necessary utilities are available at the building (electricity, gas, water, sewerage). Heating is ensured by own central heating plant and cooling is also ensured by a central cooling plant composed by one chiller.

The main entrance has an access ramp for handicapped people.
Key Technical Specifications


There are 2 elevators in the building. One is servicing the 4 underground levels (parking areas) and the above ground levels (until 12th floor); the other elevator is servicing from level -4 in the underground parking area to the top floor (13th floor). The characteristics of the elevators located in the Property are:

Capacity 1000 kg / 12 people each elevator Supplier: Schindler
Speed: 1,6 m/s Electricity Power Supply:
Electrical service is provided by Electrica S.A. There are 2 transformers located in the basement of the building, one of them is owned by Electrica S.A. and the second one belongs to the building.. The power of the transformer is 1000 KVA.

Heating and Cooling Systems:

Heating system - the central heating plant consists of 2 gas-fired hot water boilers located in the basement, each with a capacity of 522 KW. The heating system is electronically controlled with exterior and interior heat sensors which automatically program the cascade function of the boilers. The heating distribution is done through a ventilo-converters system. The radiators in the staircase and bathrooms are equipped with thermostats.

Cooling system - the central cooling system plant consists of one chiller, with a capacity of 445,5 KW freezing power and two compressors with a regulation of 4 levels. The exterior chiller unit are mounted on the roof of the building. The office areas are equipped with fan-coil units to supply cooled air to under-window radiators for cooling.

Fire Safety System:

The Property is equipped with a fire sprinkler system in the basement and partly in the offices. The sprinkler tank has a capacity of 2 x 3.000 litres which is located in the basement.

In addition to the fire sprinkler system, also the Property is provided with smoke detectors, thermal detectors, fire extinguishers, sirens in each floor and manual alarm buttons.

Security System:

The building enjoys 24 hour surveillance by on site security personnel. The security system in the building also includes a CCTV system installed in the building composed by 16 cameras.

Data and Telecommunications systems:

High-speed data and voice communication. Cables network: mixture of class 5A and 6A. The cable to the main connection panel is optical fibre.

Informații tehnice
Suprafaţă totală 2500 mp
Suprafaţă totală utilă -
Suprafaţă utilă 6700 mp
Suprafaţă construită 10500 mp
Tip imobil Clasa A, Birou, In centru de afaceri
Compartimentare -
Etaj 3
Nr. băi/GS -
An construcție -
Înălțime construcție -
Structură rezistență Beton
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MOBILAT: Nemobilat; STARE INTERIOR: Nou, In stare foarte buna, Curat; FINISAJE: Mocheta, Marmura, Gresie, Vopsea lavabila, Faianta, Geamuri termoizolante - PVC, Jaluzele interioare, Aplice, Lustre; DOTARI: Aer conditionat, Scara interioara, Lift, Sistem de alarma, Interfon, Usa metalica, Sensor pentru incendii, Telecomanda garaj, Sala de conferinte, Sala de proiectie, Facilitati persoane cu dizabilitati, Iluminat exterior, Locatie centrala telefonica


TIP IMOBIL: Clasa A, Birou, In centru de afaceri; VECHIME IMOBIL: Nou; STARE IMOBIL: Exceptionala; STRUCTURA: Beton


ACCES: Acces stradal; STRAZI LIMITROFE: Amenajate; VECINATATI: Magazine, Piata, Gradinita, Scoala, Transport public, Metrou, Parc, Lac, Drum judetean, Drum national, Hotel, Aeroport, Bar/Pub; VEDERE: Vedere mixta, Vedere stradala


INCALZIRE: Centrala proprie a imobilului; SERVICII: Paza, Supraveghere video, Administrare, Curatenie, Receptie


ACTE DE PROPRIETATE: Contract vanzare cumparare